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Established in 1992, D.O.O. Amiral Medical System and Service with its headquarter in Nis is the leading company for the distribution and service of medical devices for the radiology exclusively. Our company is performing its business activity at the territory of the Republic of Serbia, Republic of Montenegro, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Macedonia, and a part of its activity was dedicated to the development of X-ray apparatuses service.
At its beginning Amiral D.O.O. Medical Systems and Service based its business activity on licensed Agreements for the distribution of medical devices for radiography of renowned international manufacturers
From 2000, Amiral D.O.O. has made an important turn in its activity and become a representative of medical X-ray apparatuses, protection equipment and accessories in radiology of the leading international companies, with the tendency to extend its presence through products and services at the markets of the Republic of Bulgaria, Greece and Hungary.
When Amiral D.O.O. got the Authorization Letter from the company Canon for the distribution of Flat Panel Detectors in 2005, and in 2009 the certificate for marketing which was issued by the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia, Amiral made a strategic orientation to Digital Radiology. In order to achieve these strategic changes it was necessary to invest considerable funds for the registration and human resources so that they could be able to follow the current trends in Radiography. Thanks to the business orientation of Amiral D.O.O. whose imperative is the achievement of excellence, the company has made the successful cooperation with the leading international such as: Canon, Arcoma, StephaniX, Sedecal and others.
Dedication to the improvement of the quality of business processes required a permanent education of personnel, a thorough analysis and careful planning. The basic principles of business activity are constantly oriented towards customers, whose needs we carefully monitor and analyze.  We fully comply with the highest international standards and that makes the key of the success of Amiral D.O.O. and its business activity which includes the quality management, environment protection and protection and safety of employees.
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