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The Wold's Most Versatile Lineup of DR Systems
Better imaging and better care begin with CANON

For unmatched efficiency with digital image capture, take advantage of a Canon Digital Radiography (DR) system-in just 3 seconds after x-ray exposure, an image appears on-screen, ready for confirmation. Canon also provides the most versatile lineup of DR systems available to meet your general radiographic needs. Canon portable systems, for example, bring the benefits of DR to a wider scope of situations than ever, including challenging applications such as trauma imaging and bedside exams. Each Canon DR system features our innovative Flat Panel Detector technology, trusted by leading healthcare facilities worldwide for its exceptional quality and durability. Helping you deliver better patient care today-Canon Digital Radiography.
General Systems
o CXDI-40EG - Ideal for General Radiology applications
o CXDI-40EC - Highly sensitive DR System
Portable Systems
o CXDI-50C - Efficient in General Radiology
o CXDI-50G - Portable DR System with wide imaging area
o CXDI-55G - Large imaging area provides a high image quality to this DR system
o CXDI-55C - Thin and Lightweight System with High Sensitivity
o CXDI-60G - DR System ideal for orthopedic departments
o CXDI-60C - Offers the unsurpassed digital image quality in a wide range of diagnostic examinations.
o CXDI-31 - The most compact and lightweight compact DR system.
o System of DR image preview
It suits to your budget and increases with your needs
Ideal for a wide range of general Radiographic applications
With an imaging area that's 43 x 43 cm, the CXDI-40EG lets you capture chest and abdominal images without ever having to rotate the sensor unit. That's one less step in an already streamlined procedure that eliminates film development, cassette replacement and other process steps. The CXDI-40EG produces a preview image in only three seconds after x-ray exposure, and is ready for the next image a few seconds later. In addition, it offers the benefit of easy installation. The CXDI-40EG can be used with an upright stand, a universal stand, or a Bucky table. It can also be retrofitted with existing equipment.
o CXDI-40EG: GOS scintillator, LANMIT 3 sensors
o CXDI-40EC: Csl scintillator, LANMIT 5 sensors
o Imaging area: 43x43 cm
o Resolution: 7.2 Mpixels (pixel dimension is approx. 160 microns)
o Output image: 4096 grayscale (12 bits)
o Image preview 3-5 sec after exposure
A highly sensitive DR System
The CXDI-40EC produces high-quality diagnostic images with minimal x-ray dosage. This makes it ideal for pediatric use as well as orthopedic exams. The key to its dose efficiency is the newly developed LANMIT 5 sensor, which is equipped with a Cesium Iodide scintillator for high sensitivity. The CXDI-40EC shares the major features of other Canon DR systems, including the largest imaging area in the industry, high image resolution, and easy operation. It can be installed in as many ways-and just as easily-as the CXDI-40EG.
Efficient for General Radiography applications.
The Canon CXDI-50C portable, lightweight Digital Radiography System provides high quality, filmless image capture for a broad range of radiographic applications, including trauma, ICU, and bedside exams. The large 14 inch x 17 inch imaging area is provided by a detector that is just under an inch thick (0.9 inches) and weighs only 10.6 pounds (4,8 kg). The CXDI-50C is especially useful with patients who have limited mobility and for capturing images at angles that are difficult to acquire with a detector in an installed table or wall stand.
Portable DR System with wide imaging area
Only Canon offers a portable digital system for Radiography such as CXDI-50G. It is quite portable and thus convenient for bedside examinations; it is lightweight so a patient may hold it with ease; covers a wide imaging area making it an ideal choice for chest and abdomen imaging. This system may be used for a wide range of examinations, while at the same time its application is as easy as a standard cassette film of CR imaging panels. It features all advantages of instantaneous imaging, high image quality, and networking for printing, archiving and remote viewing.

o Sensor unit, thickness 23 mm and weight 4.8 kg
o GOS scintillator, LANMIT 4 sensor
o Image size: (35x43) cm
o Resolution: 5.9 Mpixels
o Output image: 4,096 grayscale (12 bit)
o Preview image 3-5 sec after X-ray exposure
o DICOM 3.0 compatible
Large imaging area provides a high image quality to this DR system
Canon CXDI-55G versatile portable Digital radiographic system offers exceptional digital radiographic imagery, large area detection, and a detachable cable for simple portability for time-effective transport and simple installation. It is equipped with a large 14'' X 17'' (35 cm X 43 cm) imaging area. CXDI-55G is very thin, only 0.6 cm - the same thickness of standard film cassettes. The 7.5 lb (3.4 kg) device is light enough for use in trauma centers and ICUs. Simple to grip and handle, both the patient and X-ray technician can comfortably hold the CXDI-55G in place during image capture.
Thin and Lightweight System with High Sensitivity
The lightweight CXDI-55C offers convenient DR imaging in a compact device with large area detection and a detachable cable for simple portability. The Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Detector of the CXDI-55C has a scintillator made of Cesium Iodide (CsI).The CsI crystals provide optimal light channeling properties for effective X-ray absorption and high signal-to-noise performance. The advanced LANMIT technology delivers high-quality diagnostic images with minimal X-ray exposure to patients; an ideal feature for pediatric and orthopedic purposes. With a large 14 17 in. (35 43 cm) imaging area, the generous size of CXDI-55C accommodates a wide variety of radiographic applications, such as skull, spine, chest, abdomen, and extremity examinations.
DR System ideal for orthopedic departments
CXDI-60G Digital Radiographic system features Canon Flat Panel technology, lightweight and ergonomic portable detector. It is a low consumption system with a detachable sensor cable that is ideal for maintenance and installation; it is ninth generation of Canon's Flat Panel Detectors. Model CXDI-60G extends the Digital Radiography capabilities as it is a mobile X-ray system and more. Images are captured on the image size of 9''x11'' (23cmx28 cm), so the Flat Panel of this model is convenient for different applications it comfortably accommodates exams of the extremities, skull, cervical spine, shoulder, and hip.
Offers the unsurpassed digital image quality in a wide range of diagnostic examinations
Extremely versatile, this multipurpose device provides unmatched quality digital images for a wide range of diagnostic exams. CXDI-60C offers a quick and efficient image transport, as well as simple installation and handling. CXDI-60C's advanced LANMIT detector technology acquires high-resolution, high-contrast diagnostic images with minimal X-ray exposure to patients, making it the ideal device for pediatric and orthopedic applications. Flat Panel CXDI-60C weights 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg) and is less than an inch thick 0.9 inches (22.5 mm). The 9 x 11 inch imaging area makes placement simple for bedside and wheelchair exams, or into neonatal incubator trays. The design of CXDI-60C detector makes it very comfortable and light for image capturing, even for patients themselves.

Arcoma DR Systems
Arco Ceil
With Arco Ceil, there are four winners - the patient, the doctor, the radiology nurse and your economy.

- The patient gets better controlled and more effective treatment. This means that fewer X-ray images are required, reducing the dose of X-rays that patients are subjected to per examination.
- The doctor can take more precise pictures from the same examination position, making the X-ray images easier to read.
- The radiology nurse has an ergonomic working environment and can receive more patients per day without stress and tiring body movements.
- Preciser treatment and ergonomic working conditions leads to faster patient throughput, in turn resulting in better economy.

Arco Ceil's design is based on simplicity and ergonomy. The stand moves smoothly and easily thanks to light weight and low friction in the ceiling construction. The display on the control handle provides clear information on the movements. Easily accessible buttons on the control handle make the ceiling stand easy to steer in all directions - z (up and down), x and y (sideways) and ? and ? (tilting and twisting of the X-ray tube).

NTR DR Systems
One detector and wide range of applications
Fully automatic APR and auto-positioning
An ergonomic design, patient friendly and customer tailored
Slim detector holder for Canon portable models CXDI-50G/CXDI-50C
Positioning of apparatuses of wide range, patient repositioning is not needed
Unique cable handling

Sedecal DR Systems
Diptico Nova
NOVA is a high operative roentgen system with simple and functional design that guarantees very precise positioning of X-ray generator in radiography.
Due to its features of vertical and horizontal movements, NOVA can cover almost all angles of the room in which it has been installed.
NOVA can be installed on horizontal or vertical support, but also on the movable table support for imaging.

Technical specifications:
-        power supply: 110-240VAC+10%
-        frequency 50/60 Hz
-        max. power 600VA
-        weight: 150 kg (without motor drive); 160 kg (with motor drive)
-        assembly with aluminum ceiling rails

Sedecal X plus LP
SEDECAL X PLUS LP is a radiographic system designed to provide the maximum flexibility and clinical productivity. The total integrated system that combines modern technology of the X-ray generator of high frequency with Flat Panel Technology for Direct Digital Acquisition, all design to give the system a friendly use of doctor (operator) and easy position of the patient.
The system includes:
"        Universal fully motorized radiographic system
"        Radiographic mobile table
"        9 meters HT cables
"        Collimator with laser beam
"        X-ray generator
"        X-ray tube
Sedecal's model Millenium has a very large range of longitudinal and transversal movement thanks to its "floating" table top. The integrated automatic exposure control (optional) enables exposures of high image quality and prevents incorrect exposures. The minimum height of the elevating table allows easy and fast positioning on table top for any kind of patient such as children, elderly or handicapped. A safety anticollision system during downward movement of the table avoids accidents when an object is encountered in its path.

Shimadzu DR Systems
Mobile Dart Evolution Specifications:
FPD (Canon): CXDI-60C
Scincillator: CsI-Cesium-Iodide
Sensibility: high
FPD dimensions / weight: 23x28 cm / 2.5 kg
Max output: 32kW
X-ray tube max current: 400 mA
Min. Exposure time: 1ms
Focal spot: 0.7mm / 1.3mm
Number of imaging options: 144
Preview image access time: 3s
Storage: 3500 images
Telescopic arm length: 635-1200mm
Rotation range: +/- 270
Weight: 420kg
Dimensions: 1220mm (l) / 580mm (w)

StephaniX DR Systems
Xtreme Dream
Xtreme Dream is very flexible radiography system equipped with a Flat Panel Detector (FPD) for a quick image preview and image processing. Additionally, a system features the network archiving and printing options.

Flat Panel Detectors Options:
"        Dimensions of integrated FPD 43 x 43 cm;
"        Dimensions of multipurpose portable FPD 35 x 43 cm;
"        Dimensions of portable FPD 24 x 30 cm.

All FPD models produce high resolution images in as little as 3 seconds. Portable Flat Panel Detectors are very convenient for applications for bedside patients or patients in wheelchairs

The MOVIX Dream is a lightweight mobile x-ray unit equipped with a high 4 kW generator and with a portable Flat Panel detector (FPD) which provides an image of high quality in any situation. An integrated computer enables an immediate image display and immediate image processing, local and USB device storage, network archiving and printing. The lightweight portable FPD is convenient for use just as CR. When procedures are complete, portable FPD is placed in the compartment for storage and a mobile X-ray unit is ready to move for the imaging of a next patient.
The MOVIX Dream is designed either for outdoor procedures or for the in-room examinations.

Technical specifications:
The MOVIX Dream takes mobile X-ray into a new dimension. At the market of DR systems, STEPHANIX provides the most powerful range of mobile units (from 20 kV to 50 kV high frequency generators) equipped with a portable Flat Panel Detector (FPD).
The Movix Dream series is convenient for applications in the intensive care units, pediatrics examination, and in for all other situations where portable x-ray is needed..
Technical specifications:

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