Canon is the company that started its business with several employees only and incredible desire to develop and become one day one of the leading international companies. Soon the company became a well known manufacturer of cameras in the world and now it is a global multimedia corporation. They were led by the same goals from the company establishment, and these are a desire for survival and technological skillfulness that has been accumulating for more than 70 years. Canon is constantly using its technologies for the wellbeing of people, because it realizes its goals to become a company that people like all around the world. The most human product of Canon Inc Corporation is the Digital Radiography system, which uses a well known invention FPD whose development started in 1993. 
Canon uses its original optic and digital imaging technology to power devices which support the digitalization of medical apparatuses and to implement them in a unique hospital base. Canon digital X-ray systems, that faciliate the diagnostic in radiography still play an important role in the medical industry.
In September 2009 Canon Inc announced its achievement in the manufacturing of medical equipment, which presents a turning point in the production of all models of CXDI Digital Radiography Systems. Canon manufactured 10.000 Flat Panel Detectors in the period of ten years, and satisfied customers are all around the world. They started with the model CXDI-11 in December 1998, and today they are manufacturing a model CXDI-70 with a wirelles connection.
The Authorisation Letter on appointment of D.O.O. Amiral for the general distributor issued by Canon came into effect on January 1, 2007. D.O.O. Amiral has all required certificates for Canon products that are necessary for the distribution at the markets of the West Balkan, and these are: Certificate for Quality Management system, ISO 9001-13485-Certificate of the Quality system, DOC-Declaration of Conformity and EC certificate.
By appling its sensors and imaging technology, Canon has a goal to continue with its expansion at the market with DR systems which provide a combined examination of both dynamic and static images. Also, the company is trying to contribute to the improvement of diagnostic accuracy and more efficient study procedure through the promotion of filmless X-ray procedures to health institutions and by providing the support for monitor diagnosis.
In 2009, D.O.O. AMIRAL received the certificate for putting Canon Flat Panel Detectors on the market from the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia.
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The company Arcoma, with the headquarter in Sweden, has more than 15 years of experience in development and application of advanced technological solutions in the field of radiology. The major products of this company are Arco-Ceil system with the ceiling suspension of X-ray tube, Arco-Comb system with the floor stand of X-ray tube, Arco-Sphere a sphero-movable system designed for a wide range of applications in radiology and Arco-Table adjustable to all areas of hospital treatment.
Digital versions can be integrated with Canon Flat Panel Detectors for which they have CE, ISO and DOC certificates. Amiral d.o.o. made an agreement on exclusive distribution of its products in 2003.

The company Shimadzu, with the headquarter in Japan, started with the production of instruments for the application in physics and chemistry in 1875, and in 1896 it generated its first X-ray image, only a year after the invention of X-rays. Today, Shimadzu offers a wide range of products, from analitical instruments for measurement and medical equipment to aircraft industrial equipment.
Regarding the radiology equimpent, it offers digital systems MobileDaRt Evolution and MobileDaRt which are integrated with Canon’s Flat Panel Detectors; the other products are Mobile Art Evolution and MobileArt Plus systems and many more for the application in radiology.

In January 1995 the company SEDECAL was founded based only on the Spanish capital. During all these years the company has experienced a permanent development which positioned the company as a leader in OEM design and manufacturing of High Frequency X-ray generators and X-ray systems. Today, SEDECAL has six specialized production areas of medical apparatuses: OEM products, medical radiology products, preclinical diagnostic products, PET and PET/CT products, veterinary products, veterinary radiology.
The company Sedecal has achieved a success thanks to human resources. From the very beginning, the employees in the company have been completely devoted to fulfillment of the main goals of the company: quality and innovation, permanent development of the manufacturing and human resources, and protection of the environment. Following this philosophy the company obtained all quality certificates and certificates for the environment protection, company registration and certificates for the manufacturing process ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 14001, EMAS, CE, UL, CSA, CCC, FDU, SDA, etc.
The field of research and development is within the SEDECAL scope of interest as it constantly invests considerable funds in research and development (R&D) which present a high percentage of the total budget of the company. Today Sedecal has more than 700 employees included in the development of new technologies and manufacturing of medical devices which they export to more than 120 countries. The company branches are in USA, Hungary and China.

The Danish company NRT has started with the development and manufacturing of the medical products for radiology since seventies. One of its best known products is a DR system ADORA presented in Vienna in 2007.
Since 1993, NRT has had certificates ISO 9000, and ISO 9001:2000 / ISO 13485:2003 for the manufacturing and distribution of radiology equipment.

Company StephaniX was founded in France in 1985. It designs and develops systems for imaging which offer more advanced and reliable tools for diagnostic in practice. They started in 1987 with the first Remote Controlled Table system, in 2001 they installed this system with Flat Panel Detector, and with the further development they created a fully automated system for radiology.
An integration of dynamic Flat Panel Detectors with the analog X-ray apparatuses from the product range of Stephanix resulted from the cooperation with Canon. Today, StephaniX has a leading role at the international market due to a number of solutions from the radiology area.

The headquarter of the company Sectra is in Sweden. It was founded in 1978 when it started with the development of bank security systems, and in the mid-nineties it became the leader in the development of these systems for the Swedish army. In 1993, Sectra developed the system for processing digital radiology images, and today the name of this company is in the database of more than thousand hospitals throughout the world.
The unique system for mammography Sectra MicroDose Mammography was presented by Sectra in 2002. Using the minimal radiation dose, so called the photon-counting technology, this system found its place in 15 countries in the world.
In 2005, this company developed a revolutionary method of processing of high resolution digital image, thus this method soon became the basis for radiology application. Today Sectra is a leader in the RIS/PASCS systems of data processing, especially in the mammography and orthopedics. 

Colenta Group (CLG)
The headquarter of the corporation COLENTA GROUP is in Wiener Neustadt, in Austria. COLENTA LABORTECHNIK group consists of two specialized production sectors: COLENTA LABORTECHNIK GmbH & Co, KG., which is situated in the headquarter of the company, in Austria and ART COLENTA in Bulgaria. The headquarter of marketing center COLENTA LABORTECHNIK GmbH is in Valdkirchen, Germany, then there is a support for the international marketing and business in the Great Britain - TCI to the international traffic, and MEDIAPHOT INC Sale and Marketing – for the North/South America and Canada.
There are more than 60 branches around the world which offer the marketing and aftersale support for the wide range of products of COLENTA GROUP. Approximately 120 employees are working in the commercial sectors in the world.
The product line of Colenta is divided in following categories: X-ray films and cassettes, X-ray protection equipment for X-ray technicians and patients, Mediphot film processor of different series and Negatoscopes.
In July 11, 2005 Amiral d.o.o. got the Authorisation letter from Colenta. Also, the company Amiral has all required certificates of Colenta products that put on the market of countries of the Western Balkans, and these are the Certificate for Quality Management System, ISO 9001-13485-Certificate of the Quality System, DOC-Declaration of Conformity and EC certificate.

Schott AG
The company SCHOTT AG was founded in 1884 in Jena, in the Eastern Germany. The founder of company is Dr Otto Schott, a scientist, who invented fire-proof glass by adding the boric acid in the glass mixture. The headquarter of the company is in Mainz, near Frankfurt. Currently, the company has more than 80 factories around the world. Total number of employees is approximately 44,000 with annual turnover of 2.5 billion Euros.
The product range of SCHOTT AG company includes more product groups:
1.)television screens and cathode tubes
2.)household glass
3.)glass for household appliances
4.)industrial glass
5.)optics – glass for eyeglass lenses, precise optics, astronomy, protection glass (radiology glass, glass for welding masques etc.), optical filters, fiber optics, components for laser technology, mirrors for automotive industry
6.)opto-electronics – light conductors for medical applications
7.)laboratory glass
8.)pharmaceutical package
The company SCHOTT AG has a wide range of branches in order to offer the support for its products at local markets. 

AFP Imaging
AFP Imaging Corporation is a USA company with the headquarter in New York. The company is divided into several sectors and it is very important that the network of technical support is spread not only throughout the American continent, but also in Europe and Asia.
AFP technology of X-ray imaging distinguishes itself thanks to the experience of 30 years in the field of research, product development, manufacturing and distribution of medical, dental and veterinary equipment. The company is proud of its good reputation thanks to the quality and reliability of its products which hold the ISO certificate 9001.
The latest products in the AFP product range are New Tom, 3F and New Tom VG, designed and manufactured in Verona, Italy. The product lines DENT/X and EVA are also offered, and it has the exclusivity of distributorship for New Tom products in the North, Central and South America, Australia, South Africa and Israel.
Amiral d.o.o. has been cooperating closely with the AFP Imaging Corporation for five years and has all necessary certificates for import and selling products of this American company.

Kompanija ControlX Medical, Inc je osnovana 1990 i priozvodi kvalitetne dijagnostičke aparate za X-ray industriju.

Walter Krebs
Walter Krebs is a company from Germany founded long time ago, in 1949. Today, it has become one of the leading exporter of pharmaceutical products in Germany. Its product range includes brand names from Germany, Europe and USA.
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